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Cheers from Afar: Virtual Drinking Games for Epic Online Parties

Fueling the Fun: Virtual Drinking Games and Party IdeasIn these times of social distancing and limited in-person gatherings, virtual parties have become the go-to solution for connecting with friends and having a good time. But just because we cant be physically together doesnt mean the fun has to end! Virtual drinking games and party ideas are here to save the day, ensuring that the good times keep rolling.

In this article, we will explore some exciting virtual drinking games and party ideas, allowing you to spice up your online gatherings and create lasting memories with friends. So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and let the fun begin!

Virtual Drinking Games:


Psych!: Psych! is an amusing virtual game that utilizes multiple-choice questions to keep players engaged. Test your wit and knowledge against your friends as you struggle to choose the correct answer.

Every wrong guess results in taking a sip of your chosen beverage. 2.

Drinking Watch Party: Kick back and enjoy a classic movie or TV show with your friends while following some set rules. Create your own drinking rules, such as taking a sip whenever a certain character appears on screen or when specific phrases are spoken.

Get ready for a night of laughter, and of course, responsible drinking. 3.

Screen-Share Pictionary: Take the classic game of Pictionary to the virtual world by dividing into teams and using screen-sharing technology. Draw and guess your way through hilarious sketches, and for added excitement, the losing team members have to take a drink.

4. Wheel Decide (King’s Cup): Bring the ever-popular King’s Cup game to your virtual party with the help of Wheel Decide.

Create your own online wheel with different drinking instructions, and let the fate of the spinner decide who has to drink. 5.

Drink and Tell: This entertaining virtual drinking game combines elements of truth or dare with multiple-choice answers. Participants take turns answering questions, and those who can’t come up with the truthful answer have to take sips as a penalty.

6. Drunk Pirate: Enjoy an automated drinking game experience with Drunk Pirate, a flipcard drinking game.

Keep flipping cards and follow the given instructions. This game is sure to keep the spirits high throughout the virtual party!


Evil Apples: If you’re a fan of Cards Against Humanity, you’ll love Evil Apples. This app recreates the witty and hilarious experience of Cards Against Humanity, but in a virtual format.

Use your judge skills to pick the funniest responses, and the losers must sip their drinks. 8.

Words with Friends: Put a twist on the popular mobile game, Scrabble, by turning it into a virtual drinking game. Assign points to each word based on its difficulty, and with every successful word, take a sip of your drink.

Just be careful not to let the alcohol get in the way of your word skills!

9. Buzz via Skype: Get your math skills ready for this fast-paced virtual drinking game.

Counting up from one, the participants take turns saying numbers, but with special numbers (e.g., multiples of 7) or ones that include a specific digit (like numbers containing a 5), you have to take a drink instead. 10.

Two Truths and a Lie: Put your detective skills to the test in this virtual drinking game. Each participant presents three statements, two of which are true, and one is a lie.

The others have to guess which one is false, and every wrong guess means taking a sip. 11.

Never Have I Ever: Unleash your secrets and learn more about your friends with Never Have I Ever. Each player takes turns saying something they’ve never done, and anyone who has done it takes a sip.

It’s a great game for revealing unique experiences and getting to know each other better. 12.

Power Hour: Brace yourself for an extreme drinking game with Power Hour. Set a timer for one hour, and every minute, take a shot of your chosen beverage.

It’s a race against time, and the last one standing without passing out wins the ultimate power hour title. 13.

Red or Black: Simplicity is the key with Red or Black. Choose between red or black, and if you guess correctly, you’re safe.

However, a wrong guess means you have to take a sip. It’s a straightforward and thrilling way to enjoy your virtual drinking session.

14. Trivia: Collaborate with your friends in a virtual trivia game.

Choose categories and work together to answer questions. Correct answers earn a round of applause, while incorrect ones result in sips of your chosen drink.

15. Heads Up!: Get ready for a guessing game like no other with Heads Up! Act out, describe, and guess various words or phrases in this fast-paced virtual game.

The losers, of course, must take a sip as a delightful penalty. 16.

Stop!: Challenge your quick thinking and creativity in this virtual drinking game. Pick a random letter, and then choose words from different categories starting with that letter.

The longer it takes to come up with a word, the more you’ll have to drink. 17.

Quick Draw: For all the Pictionary lovers out there, Quick Draw is the perfect virtual game. Compete against your friends with the House Party network or download the app and enjoy the familiar fun of drawing and guessing.

Just make sure you don’t lose track of time or your drink may suffer!

18. Battleship: Bring back the nostalgia of bombing ships in a virtual version of Battleship.

Challenge your friends, take turns guessing coordinates, and let the virtual sea battles begin. And of course, don’t forget to take a sip for each hit your opponent makes.

19. Cup Pong: Transform the classic beer pong game into a virtual version with Cup Pong.

Use your finger to flick the ball across the screen, aiming for the cups. Every successful hit by your opponent means you have to take a drink.

It’s beer pong for the digital age!

20. Truth or Shots: Take the daring nature of truth or dare to your virtual party with Truth or Shots.

Choose truth or dare, and if you refuse to answer or complete the dare, you’ll have to take a shot. Be prepared for some interesting revelations and hilarious challenges.

21. Most Likely To: Engage in a fun and lighthearted virtual game by playing Most Likely To. List various scenarios and have everyone vote for who they think is most likely to fit each description.

The person with the most votes takes a drink and shares a story about their chosen scenario. Conclusion:

As we adapt to the new normal of virtual gatherings, there is no need to sacrifice the fun and laughter that come with partying.

Virtual drinking games and party ideas offer a wide range of entertainment options that can be enjoyed through video chat platforms. However, it’s important to remember to drink responsibly and legally.

So go ahead, gather your friends in the virtual realm, and let the good times flow!

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